Version Next Alpha / May 2022

Halo South Africa is in alpha!

We're making rapid improvements to bring the best features we can to Halo ZA.

Version Next / October 2021

Halo South Africa is back! And better than ever.

The site has been rebuilt from scratch using NextJS! We have a very bright future ahead. Welcome home spartans.

Version 2 (Beta) / May 2020

Official launch as

Today marks the day that we leave Alpha and enter Beta! We now have an official domain and the site is back into active development.

Version 2 (Alpha) / September 2019

The first full feature release of Halo South Africa.

Halo South Africa / June 2019

A new journey begins.

My original vision for what I want to implement and what I want Halo South Africa to be able to do has finally happened, I have learnt the relevant skills to build the site with all the features I orignally set out to do.

Supercombine / Aug 2018

Development of Supercombine was fully discontinued.

Cyanide Interactive / Nov 2017

With my grown skillset and knowledge I decided I want to revive the local Halo community and started work on Cyanide Interactive formerly known as Project Cyanide. With this I also made a small program to just experiment with the new #FluentDesign. During this I started working on Halo again and transferred some of my old code to the new project to start creation on the Cyanide Interactive app (Now Supercombine).

Project Cyanide Alpha / Jul 2017

Project Cyanide has finally been released to the public as an Alpha. Development was already fast in progress to release beta with all the new features that I wanted to implement. The beta never reached the app store because the community lost interest in Halo so my work started to be in vain.

Project Cyanide UWP / Apr 2017

The Project Cyanide desktop application has been scratched as I started working on it as a Universal Windows Application so users can install and use the application on their Xbox One's and Windows 10 PC's.

Project Cyanide (Desktop) / Feb 2017

This is the results of my month of studying and grinding Halo to the point where I decided to skip ahead with my studies and start creating a desktop application for Project Cyanide.

Project Cyanide (Website) / Jan 2017

This is where it all started. The journey began to create the foundations that Supercombine is based off. Supercombine is still based off the early code from these days.

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